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Monkey update again;) I got a call back the same day from the dr.s office they did not mess around got me in the same day or day after i believe and got me blood drawn that morning, must be liver checked out okay as they upped the meds back to what i was on. I as well showed her my toes and let her know about my leg and foot pain and she clarified what others have said that that is nerve related. So therefore she asked if i ever had anything for this and i let her know my last dr. had prescribed the Neurotin and only taken it once i couldn't even see straight and never took again. So botton line is she said yes thats pretty strong stuff so she gave me samples and a prescription of Lyrica to try. It says it can take about a week to maybe get relief if it's going to help. The only problem i had with taking it last night as prescribed ,before i tried to sleep is that it really intesified me being exhausted at the get. Then i could not wake up this am. feeling exhausted again but eventualy felt better. Now i also felt very weak like i couldn't move when i tried to get up? I also think that might be due to having a long avtive week already? So actually i am very happy and satisfied with this new PCP Dr. as she has great concern for her patients i think! She also is gettng my old records from the pain clinic and it is going to verify that all they did was a floroscopic injection a bone scan and sent me on my way and said yes it is evident that i have a great deal of pain and some people have that and just have to deal with it. yeah right i'm not dumb right! Anyway she stated that if i get any worse she might have to refer me back to another better pain clinic but we will have to see what the specilist finds if anything on the 29th! Thanks for being here and if you can give me any insight on th Lyrica stuff please do so!
Love, Monkey
YEAH Monkey!! It sounds like you have found a good doctor and I pray that you finally get some much needed answers.

A word about the Lyrica. You may have to take it for awhile and deal with the tiredness while your body adjusts. Give it time and we are at the weekend so that should help.

Good luck and I pray that you get some relief. You deserve it.
pepper, thanks! I hurt so bad this am. It's 6:30 am. and son was supposed to corn detassle but missed yesterday and only to find they don't work again till Monday, yeah! Except now i hurt from rushing around(it just makes it worse, need to slow down, but 5:30 is early ugh) driving him and no work ugh. My leg hurts so frickin bad and i have to wait and see how it affects before i can take the Lyrica in the day. Last night when i took it it didn't knock me out but i wasn't as tired. I did read it can cause muscle pain but this does feel like nerve anyway. I really wouldn't want the muscle pain as well, if you know what i mean! I have found a while ago never posted but i have a lump on the side of pain in my lower back, not sure if this is related? It is moveable, non painful. I know it could be what they call arthritis .cyst bumps?
Love, Monkey