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Hey there godsends! I have an upcoming appt. with a specilist it's nearing sooner than i can keep up. I am wondering what are some good questions to ask concerning back pain and issue? Also I looked back for future and present reference on the piriformisce muscle pain and i knew i was right. My old Dr. i had to see in a pinch had stated that i don't have real pain and i know my new dr. believes it is all real ect. and as did the other dr. at that old office that i normally saw. What really gets me is that she stated i was having muscle pain. Okay, this is i believe, yes it may be muscle pain but doesn't mean it's that alone per what info i ran across that would cause the extreme pain:

Piriformis syndrome is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. Pressure on the sciatic nerve is caused by:

Pressure caused by shortening and tightening of the piriformis muscle.
Pressure caused by spinal stenosis. This is caused by uneven pressure and compression in the vertebral column.
Pressure caused by Isthmic spondylolisthesis. Isthmic spondylolisthesis occurs when a vertebrae slips or moves.
Pressure caused by a herniated or bulging disc! And omg! I had my hubby rub on my Piriformis muscle last night, not only could i feel the difference in feeling with the numbness location but i could barely walk today this am and then i got numbness and pain in my heel ugh. And i rencently started the Lyrica and it has been a week without any relief but may have to increase to the twice a day. Thankxs a bunch for any input!
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Hey there! I have something that is making me very discouraged with my back pain. Yes i take meds and just started Lyrica recently. What i don't understand is for example all along i deal with this pain daily for about two years Recently when i over did it it got worse and i couldn't even walk bend sit or anything to be comfortable. Okay it has been a month at least since then. Yes i did rest ect. for about two weeks now i feel back to square one where i was at beforehand. What i don't understand could it be the bulging disc and all the other things that that made this so intense then? Because i would think if i had a herniated disc that i wouldn't have been back to the square one at that time, unless a herniated disc can make it that severe and then with rest not so bad? The only other thing i can think of is between the SI problems the partially fused vertabrea the irritation on the Piriformis muscle/sciatic and maybe throw in if i have arthritis Could have did this if i bulge the disc back out? I am not sure as this is what i was told two years ago by psychiscal therapist that discs can bulge in and out? Thanks for any input i am just curious to know because like yesterday i did what i look at is alot for as far as yard work plus laundry ect. and yeah i was hurting and i was concerned some that i might not be able to even move the next day but i was only the same maybe a little more stiff wich isn't so unusual in my case but when i was doing the little bit of yard work my attitude was well i am going to hurt ithier way so at least have a reason to hurt! But why didn't it bother me like a month ago when i couldn't walk stand up straight get up or down. Also i think the Lyrica is helping and maybe thats why i was so bad then versus now maybe? I don't understand it at all!
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Okay dah should have looked it up first i guess but you can still replly all the help i can get on this!

Symptoms vary greatly depending on the position of the herniated disc and the size of the herniation. If the herniated disc is not pressing on a nerve, you may experience a low backache or no pain at all. If it is pressing on a nerve, there may be pain, numbness, or weakness in the area of the body to which the nerve travels. Typically, a herniated disc is preceded by an episode of low back pain or a long history of intermittent episodes of low back pain.
Hi Melissa Getting back to your first post. Yes, I would get copies of everything you have. It makes it easier for the doctor, because doctors get kind of funny about "sharing" info, and I'm sure the doctor will be happy as well. As far as Lyrica, it is usually prescribed for nerve pain. My neuro explained to me that due to instability in my spine, even my bulging disc can get irritated because of doing something I have no business doing. I know this because I pay the price all the time. I was always independant, and self sufficient, but my life, as I'm sure you all know, has taken a complete turn. Now I'm waiting to have a revision done. I used to love mowing my own lawn, taking care of all my flowers, now I stand outside like the lawn police watching my lawn service do MY JOB! Sick right? But you have to laugh at yourself, and I do. I hope I have been of some help to you. Kathy
Kathy, thanks, i know what you mean! What do they do if PT, injections ect. doesn't work? Is there a way they can find out if this certain disc could be bulging or whatever like that other than an plain MRI? I was told when i went through weeks of therapy that like i posted somewhere that a disc can bulge in and out and the PT therapist said at that time possible that when they do an MRI or CT scan you are laying down and when i'm standing it just may be the case? Have you ever heard of this happening As to why they haven't detected where my pain is exactly coming from? And also could it be the case with a herniated as to that when one over does thier limit and then rest by the time they get the MRI ect. that they can't detect this? I know your not a Dr. but yours or anyones would help! Also as far as the Lyrica thus far when i walk my toes haven't been curling under like they did although i still have some of the pain down my leg by i feel as though i have came a long way from just a week ago and i still can take two a day!
Hi Melissa You are probably looking at the time of this post, and thinking what a nut. I have problems falling asleep because of the pain. I generally have to wait until everything kicks in to get to sleep. Bummer. Now getting back to you. Once a disc is herniated, its herniated. Also, some of my pain is due to scar tissue. I wonder if this could also be your culprit. Surgeons can go in and clear the scar tissue away, but it grows back, and sometimes worse! Also, I had an MRI done in a sitting positon. The chair looked like a dentists chair. With this type of MRI they can check flextion and extention. It can be done with or without contrast. I had it done this way before and after my L5-S1 fusion. It is a good way to see if any part of your spine is slipping, or if anything is getting squished.(like nerves) I can only have CT scans done now because I have an internal spinal stimulator. Its supposed to take the edge off the pain, but to be honest it is extremely annoying. I'll find out what my CT scan that I had done last Wednesday shows this Friday. I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon. Unfortunately, I have known that the spinal fusion I had done 11/06 did not fuse. This CT scan is a pre-op because I am facing another surgery. Hope I was of some help. Oops almost forgot. Its great the Lyrica is helping. Kathy