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Hi Guys. Well, my nurse just left and I asked if I can start taking the Lyrica again for the nerve pain I'm having at the skin level, and she agreed it sounded like a great idea. The good news is, the open part of the incision has stopped draining, and it's looking slightly narrower each time she comes. She's made it clear it's not an open wound to the surgery, more like a scab that pulled off and wasn't quite healed underneath, and of course, it's right where the brace irritates it the most.

We had a talk about braces and how some doctors use them and some don't. It's understood he's more restrictive then some and requires you wear them 24/7 until he starts to see some fusion (and then you're only allowed to sleep and shower without it) but it's worked for him. So as much as this is a pain in the butt (literally) I'll go with it.

Linda, I'm up as much as I can tolerate, no restrictions on amount. I'd say at this point I'm either walking, standing, or sitting at least 50% of the time, and my body makes it really clear when it's had enough and to get back to bed.