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Hi Leslie! You sound wonderful! Congratulations on how well your recovery is going!

I haven't ventured out yet, but we're now talking about buying me a recliner so I can get rid of the hospital bed. It was agreed I should "butt test" any recliner we consider, so I shall be escorted about. Probably going to do this some time next week.

I'm also doing well - all leg pain is gone and the pain that's left is from the surgery and some skin nerve pain in upper thighs from the surgery. We're getting this under control with Lyrica. Still taking Vicodin every 4 hours but I've actually either slept through doses or have been able to easily hold off an hour on my own. This is progress. :D

So good to hear from you and hope you can get to the computer more often!

Thank you Leslie. Your breaking down and saying it first somehow made me feel it gave me permission to say it too. It really is hard. As much as we both know we're improving it doesn't mean we feel at all well. After seeing the way I looked right after surgery (freaked out my husband badly) saying I'm having a bad day today is met with a look of "yeah yeah, but you're so much better then you were." Yes, that's true, but it doesn't mean I feel good NOW.

I don't have the smaller leg, but I do still having swelling in my lower back and now that I'm back on Lyrica I have puffy feet. I try to exercise my ankles and calves as much as possible when I'm in bed. But the nerve/skin pain was making me crazy so it's a good trade-off. Tomorrow is the day the Lyrica dose doubles (I couldn't do that before when I was working) so if I log into the boards and sound seriously over-medicated y'all will know why :D

Have a GREAT night's sleep tonight. Relax, ignore the family, find someone to sneak some chocolate in to you :cool:
Good luck with the increased dosage of Lyrica, Paula. I just finished weaning myself off it. I've been on it since Jan. and wasn't sure if it was making a difference.

Leslie ~ Hang in there. You are an inspiration to us all.

xx M:wave:M
Hi Leslie, and I'm glad today is better! I haven't ventured out yet. I really need to, even if it's just to Walmart. I figured if I go with hubby and it's too much I'll just grab a power scooter.

MM, the Lyrica should be short term. I have some nerve pain from the surgery that feels as if the skin on my upper thighs is burned. It's been reducing bit by bit but not fast enough to keep from driving me batty. I'm using the Lyrica to get past this period, until the nerves heal.

I heard from the nurse today that if things go well at my 6 week checkup next friday I'll be allowed to shower. Little things are so joyous. LOL.
Hi Leslie! You sound great!

Today I'm a bit groggy from the increase in Lyrica but hey, I could use the sleep! I'm also trying to experiment with my bed versus the hospital bed. If I move the bedroom tv a bit I think this might work. My bed has a built in memory foam topper and it's surprisingly comfortable when I lie on my side.

I just cleaned one of my bathrooms. Well, that means I cleaned the sink and vanity and my toilet thingie. Still feels good! Gonna take one of those "bottom down" showers in a bit. You know the sort...brace can't come off so I wash whatever I can using the handheld shower head.

Leslie, I'm doing whatever I can do to laugh. I have a group of old friends on the net and I've been joking with them and they're doing all they can to keep me giggling. I really do believe it's the best medicine for us. Well, chocolate would be better but I ran out.