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Hey members i recently started Lyrica and once again no effects on the leg and foot pain and if i take the next dose higher i can barely function ugh, and suggestions? Also does anyone ever experience this with thier back pain? WHen really suffering i try to use the heating pad but only to find that most times it burns the area really bad, not like burning literlaly but makes my leg pain feel like it's burning maybe someone can relate? I am so miserable today and nothing helps and it' seems like here lately theres never a break to getting down time! Well i am thinking if i didn't have what i have for pain i know actually i would be worse because i been there. Maybe this is why i don't have much trouble sleeping due to this because by the time i get to sleep it hasn't been that long before taking meds and i am dead to the world! I just don't get it it doesn't hurt when i sneeze or cough or so bad with meds ,that it wakes me or neccessarily keeps me up so it don't seem to be a herniated or bulging discs, so i am stumped and am just hoping the specilist next week will have the magic words but i know not always possible!
Take care, Monkey