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I had Dynesys at 2 lumbar levels in November 2007.

The tightness you wake up with after surgery -- I still have that -- 95% of mornings -- to the point of tears.

I go to PT weekly -- still! -- and do water therapy at least once a week.

Every morning, it's the same thing -- I can barely move until ~10 or 11am.

I have to take my pain pills as breakfast. The oxycodone & lyrica make it so that in 45 minutes, I can bend the back a LITTLE.

It's on BOTH sides of the back, running STRAIGHT DOWN the spine. Every morning. All I do is scream inside my head and wait for the kids to leave. Being vertical is TOO MUCH until lunch time.

Yes, I do my stretches! Hot showers - everything.

Why would someone still have that post-surgical stiffness 8 months afterwards????

When does it get better????

My surgeon was ignorantly talking to me about maybe going back to work in some form soon --- I can't drive until around 10am!!

What's going on here?? Anyone else w/ this??