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Hello my friends,
Jody went for his 8 week post op visit. He had Level 1 L5-S1 TLIF on June 2nd. Xrays revealed: hardward and graft is healing "beautifully" verbatim out of our surgeon's lips! :) He said he's seening already about a 70 percent fusion! OMG--CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? That seems like a bunch to me being only 8 weeks out. I was ecstatic! Jody is still on Lyrica for leg (quad) nerve pain and takes Skelaxin as a muscle relaxer but has not had a pain pill in weeks. I think all that walking helps! So newbies...walk, walk, walk --get that bone a growing. I have been running our family (11 month old/4 year old son) working full time and taking care of my husband. You all have been really a savior when it comes to advice. I want to thank you all for your support over the last two months and the support I know you can provide throughout the rest of his recovery adventure. May Blessing surround you all with the hope a painfree life after surgery.
Ginger :jester:
Ginger thanks so much for the update on Jody and it sounds like everything is going well for him with that much fusion in the first 8 weeks. Now you need to focus on taking care of you too because your plate is sure full. Please tell Jody that we are so happy for him and keep up the walking. Is the Lyrica helping for his nerve pain because that sure can be painful?

I know when my husband was recovering last year from kidney cancer how much stress I was under and I don't have small children. We sometimes forget the caretaker has needs to so please take care of yourself.

Hugs and best wishes to all of you. Please keep us informed because we love hearing about good recoveries.

Take care