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Hi all. As usual I would love any input or thought s on this from anyone.

Cervical: There is decrease in cervical lordis. Moderate degeneration of the disc of c5-c6/c6-c7. At c4-c5minimal chronic disc/osteophyte complex less than 2mm. C5-c6 moderate to severe disc complexcentrally and to the left. Mild indentation upon the thecal sac. No direct pressure on the cord.
Minimal foraminal narrowing on the left. In addtion there is small round incresaed signal intensity in the foramen 5mm. May indicate unusual CSF fluidor some other etioglogy like nuerofibroma.
Repaet MRI of axial T1 ect ect.

Lumbar:Mild degeneration and narrowing of l4-l5 and L5-S1.
L4-L5 there is mild bilateral facet hypertrophy. Minial broad base buldging. Same at L5-S1.

Now: I have been sick for a long time and would love some answers. The ortho ped surgeon said I basically have one collapsed disc in my lower back and 2 bulging in my neck. He didn't mention the 5mm something that they found. He wants me try Lyrica (again) for one month and to start 3x wk physical therapy.

My questions are: my pain is very bad in my whole back and neck. And so many other probs like dizziness. That the MRI report doesn't seem that bad. I thought stenosis or something very bad. It all sounds rather no big dealish. He said he is more concerned with my neck than my back. Does anyone care to Put in your opinions???
Hi. The doctors concerns are valid. The cervical spine has a lot more serious and permanent issues that can easily arise, over the lumbar spine.

And your issues in the cervical spine do sound more serious than the lumbar spine issues at the present time.

Not sure why he wants you on Lyrica, unless you are having pain into your legs (ie- nerve pains), but the PT is an non-surgical approach to see if they can help you loosen things up some and strengthen your body, in hopes of relieving some of the pain for you. If the discs are degenerating, they are not going to rehydrate by PT or any other means. But the PT can help you tighten and strengthen the spine as best it can be and hopefully keep you from surgery. It helps many but may not solve the problems you have.

C5/C6 is the main issue, with the disc bulging and is putting a mild pressure on the thecal sac (which the spinal cord/nerves is surrounded by), just not showing any "direct" pressure at the moment. There is some foramin narrowing at this level (which is basically the hole opening that the cord runs through the spine), with some possible cyst or cerebral spinal fluid gathering there. Looks like they want to do another MRI to check this area more thoroughly.

Lumbar spine: Not sure which is narrowing more, but the two lower discs in your spine are degenerating (hardening and losing their springy jelly), and the discs are not normal height due to the discs bulging some. Also at these levels you have some facet (bone) (hyperthrophy- aka - arthritis basically) at these levels.

You certainly have reason for your pain and discomfort. Do they have a redo of the MRI scheduled yet?

The dizziness could be from the cervical issues and/or meds you are taking. What do they have you taking?

My two cents gal and hang in there.
Thank you sooo much for your thoughts. I wasn't taking anything too strong. But last night I took the Lyrica before bed and got sooo wasted. I woke up late with a hangover. I am sure he would tell me that this will adjust but I have enough problems living a normal life I can't be all doped up! I have two young boys. The Lyrica is probably b/c I have pins and needles felling in both hands and feet. Pain down the back of both legs ect. But this has been going on for 3 yrs. So the docs after testinf me for everything includin lymphoma,ms,lupus (positive titers but nothing to pinpoint) and have been dx with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibro.
Anyway I guess the neck is worse. I wonder after pt doesn't work what kind of surgery will be required? And I have so many questions about that.
On this board I think more people have lumbar probs over cervical??? Not sure.
I guess I have some researching to do.
Thanks again.