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Kevin welcome to the board but I am sorry about your problems because I know that must be very discouraging. You have already received some great advice from Emily and I am sure several will comment too but like Emily said you are the only one that knows how you feel and IF you think you can put it off for awhile.

I had my 360 done this past January and March and my doctor warned me that this was going to be a tough surgery and he didn't lie. I did have some problems with an infection when they did the abdominal entry on January 29, 2008 which caused additional pain and a delay in the posterior portion. Finally had it done in March and again had a slight infection but had a terrible time with reactions to nerve medication (Neurontin and Lyrica). Thankfully I had home health nurses and therapist coming by my house to help me the first 3 weeks. I am still on my pain medication and muscle relaxers and will be for awhile if not permanent because I also had permanent nerve damage from my cervical spine surgery. I still cannot stand or walk for very long without my back still hurting and still have sharp stabbing pains at times but I do not regret having the surgery at all because I was very limited before also. I still use a cane and sometimes if I am having a bad day I get out my walker. I had a small amount of fusion at my 3 month checkup so I was happy about that but I do not go back until December. I had had several MRI's done before my surgery and they did not pick up on the 4 bone spurs that I had at the L5/S1 level so I may have permanent damage there but only time will tell.

I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide to do. I know how frustrated I was when I had my first cervical spine fusion on two levels then just a few years later the disc above that went out and actually the one below is showing problems now also. I really took a long time to decide on my lumbar but then I really didn't have a life because of all the pain and limitations that I had. You will know when it is the right time.

Take care