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Michelle, thanks for the hugs! I am taking Lyrica and vicodin. when i started the lyrica they started me on a low dose and then just recently increased to see if it helps and didn't make me too sleepy. It's not makeing me too sleepy but yet it's not working ithier. In the past i have tried ice and heat. I also take a flexeral at night and this isn't helping that i feel ithier. I have to be careful what i take for my back and leg pain because i have to take care of the kiddo and can't be all zombie out even though that sounds good at the moment! I as well hope i get somewhere with this spine appt. At least a little to why this and that and i know they might not have any answers for me at the time but, but i can stay hopeful! Tonight when i can relax i will try the ice again. I am on the go constantly and have no choice as my kids have issues with adhd and i have been tending to my sisters needs as well. And she DD and doesn't understand a whole lot so i make it a commitment to keep tabs on her so she doesn't go back to the hospital but there comes a time when i have to just take a day to recoop and gather my thoughts and take time for me! Wich is far and few in between! My hubby works and is very supportive and caring now but he has to work, so can only help after! My pain ithier started in my hip or back. I am not sure wich but i looked back at all my records and my complaint was the hip and hen the lower back after my car accident and then slowly i have gotten worse. I am not sure whats going on but i know something, i just sorta try to keep busy so i don't think about it! Take care, sorry so long!