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Hi Stranger ~

Nice to hear from you. I was off the board for a week as we were on vacation. Had perfect weather and I was pleased that I could walk and get around as well as I did.

Sorry to hear about your mom. My 87 year old MIL had the very same surgery that I had in Feb. and she is doing pretty well -- not as far along as I am, but in less pain. She just began her PT about a month ago. Her doc waited til after the 6 month checkup...where she was just beginning to fuse. So maybe your mom could have something done so she's not in so much pain.

I went to the pain managemen doc on Thurs. for my first visit. He kept trying to give me drugs, so finally I told him as odd as it seemed, I wasn't really there for pain relief. Rather, I wanted to find out what is causing my "new pain." Also when he quizzed me about the "neuropathy" in my toes, I had to admit that I had never had any tests for it. Some doc in Florida told me that's what I had and when I got home, I passed it on to my internist and it just became part of my permanent record. So he wants to do an EMG and a nerve conduction test to see what's going on and to see the condition of my lumbar nerves. I am also going to have one ESI for diagnostic purposes, to see if the pain is coming from L3 as they suspect. Once we gather that info, I can decide how I want to approach things.

I'm a lot better off than I was pre-surgery, but I still can't walk or stand for any period of time. I weaned myself off Lyrica as I got tired of the weight gain and felt it wasn't doing any good anyway...it hasn't effected my main pain, but I now have all sorts of little squiggly electrical sensations in both legs that I wasn't even aware of. I think my nerves are just waking up!

Sorry you're so busy. Will that taper back off as fall approaches?

About that groin pain...is it on the inside of your thigh or more like the lower part of your pelvis? If so, I wouldn't think it would be related to anything in your hip...but, what do I know? Hope you can get a handle on it and that it will gradually go away as you get stronger.

Nice to hear from you! Don't be a stranger:rolleyes: