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Hi Sundee,
I am originally from Plano and had my surgery there two years ago-who is your doctor?
There could be a vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance along with the rest of your troubles.
Have you been on Lyrica? Cymbalta? What have they tried you on?
When was your last exray? There could be a screw out of place-somrthing from the surgery.
Leg pain usually happens within a few weeks of surgery but with continued treatment should have subsided by 14 months!
I was almost pain free then develpoed scar tissue at about two years out-I stopped being as active and really screwed myself. This was not the doctors fault. He had me walking a mile at 3 weeks and PT at 5 to keep me moving (albeit SLOWLY) to keep the scar tissue from forming. My lazy butt got me here. ;)
Deep tissue massage is an option too and some insurances will cover it.
Let us know how you are doing!!!!
Michelle :angel: