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What also scares me is how in the world does one forced the leads/tubes for the medicine pain delivery device from the rib cage all the up into the neck near C1--The Brain Area! Yikes. I would rather be on Actiq and lose all my teeth then do that. I don't know. I meet with the neuro again next week. More discussion regarding the Acrach deal. He wanted another MRI but I passed it up due to where he wanted taken that in my experience has proven to be poor tech compared with other places I've been. Don't think he'll be happy. On lyrica now. Man, always hungry. Did I tell you MRI of my cervical taken at same time as lumbar didn't show scar tissue but did in lumbar? I think this is why he is leaning against Arach. Still then, what the heck is going on. I think this should have been posted on it's own thread. Talk to later hopefully. Oh was about to join Arach support group, but had to turn it down after the neuro said no scar tissue in neck. I felt like I would enter, share, then learn it isn't the case. Look for thread about EMG later by me.