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Hey spineys this is what i got for you! I have been told that i have SI Dysfunction and that the conjential defect i have is contributing to the pain i have. She is suggesting to my dr. to refer to a pain managment clinic! She told me i am a very positive person and with a combination of medication and other services i will/should get better but not to look to going back into the working feild too soon. I will have to find out through pain management what my limits are and what work i will capable of doing in the future! I am very satified in the outcome except i can't seem to understand the part of the brain controlling the pain outcome and how it all works and why? I know obviously when you get pain it sends a signal to your brain ect. letting you know the pain is there ect. but even when you think positive and try to ignore this it doesn't matter your still suffering so bad. I let her know that the Lyrica has barely been helping with the nerve pain in my foot and the Vicodin just takes the edge off barely like makes it dull but when it's real bad it doesn't touch this, so i think shes on the right track to helping me get relief! Wishing you all pain free days.
Love, Monkey