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Hi there, i'm sure i get on some nerves here, but i am a family person so i have no outside help really for support on a friend type level. I posted the other day cause i could barely walk now what gives, that passed and i get alot of knee pain now but i had also did a nono probably i didn't feel like the Lyrica was working so i stopped for a little over a week, then restarted, could it have had an effect in that short of time and maybe masking my pain as far as the knee area of the leg? It's strange though as it doesn't totally help my foot:confused: And then i did some cleaning yesterday and i thought for sure i wasn't going to be able to move today but i am doing pretty darn good considering. It's almost as if i bend or move just right i'm totally screwed kinda like someone else posted. Sometimes i feel like a need a new hip or something but yet i feel it so much in my back as well and it's hard and has been for a long time to straighten up ect. ,It's so confusing:dizzy:
Love, Monkey