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Hey Emily. Thank you for replying. My last surgery was on 10/30/07, I had SLF and IBF surgery. It was a 14hr surgery. The first fusion in 2006 didn't take. So I walked around for a yr and 1/2 with the bone in my back just dangling. We didn't it know that the surgery didn't take the first time although, I keep telling the Dr. something wasn't right and he kept saying it takes a year to heal. If he had followed up at the point, I probably wouldn't be sitting here w/ 12 screws in me. At this point, I'm really glad it didn't paralyze me. Because of walking around like that, I feel it cause my back more damage. It tore disc in my back and those had to be repair as well. I do have Hydrocodone 5/325 that I take 3x a day. They don't allow me medication for the wee hrs in the night so I take over the counter backache pills at night. He also just put me on Lyrica which has helped my left leg a little but not much, it still hurts in my leg, just not stabbing pain. I was going to go to another Ortho. but the Neur. who was part of my surgery (3 Surgeons did my last surgery) told me it would be better to go back to the Ortho. because they knew what they had done to my back. It's just a big mess. I go back to the Ortho. on Oct. 9th and at that time it will probably be the last visit because I have decided to go to a Spine spec. and see if there's any relief. I thank you again for replying and talking w/ me. May God always walk w/ you.