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Oh my gosh, yes, I am in total agreement with everyone else that posted so far...if you've gotten to the point of total incontinence it is considered an emergency situation. If your doctor is not concerned about that (plus the fact you can't even walk anymore...then you need to find another doctor. I urge you to speak to your doc about this quickly or try to find another one quickly. It is possible that you could end up with permanent damage. And all of this is not to scare you...it is just to let you know the truth. And please remember...it is your body and you need to get the best care for yourself.

I had severe lumbar stenosis, and I was pretty close to not being able to walk anymore. I was able to make it about 20 to 30 feet and then I would have to try to plop down no matter where I was. As you know, the pain is unreal. The first thing my surgeon asked me was if I had lost control of my bowel or bladder, though he did not ask if I had any other bladder issues. I am sure that my condition did affect my bladder, though I had not lost control. I had problems emptying mine and then I felt like I always had to go, sometimes I was going, though only dribbling, every 15 to 20 minutes. After my surgery, it was suddenly better. But then I've had more bouts of severe sciatica where ...what do you know, I got bladder issues again, until the sciatica was treated. Even after that, I was always having to go at night...but i've noticed since I've been on Lyrica and a muscle relaxer for several months now, I hardly have to go at all. I can even drink coffee at night now and I never wake up to use the bathroom.

But anyway, again, I urge you to contact your doc ASAP and actully you should get a second opinion.