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Hi Kitty,
You've been through the wringer in back surgeries. It may be true in dealing with some local surgeons that you might have some difficulty in getting another surgeon to look at you, but then again, you may not either.
I found myself dealing with a post op Cauda Equina Sydrome that my first surgeon missed , and while some surgeons that I consulted didn't want to touch me, I finally found one who would. The 2nd surgeon was also a professor at a Medical college in the area, so you might try someone who is at the upper level in his field.
I was also told to get a spinal cord stimulator put in, and I don't want one. Too many problems with the leads migrating, the units malfunctioning, and I just don't want to go that route now. Someday, maybe, but like you, I have a lot of lower back pain, along with the leg pain, and there is little that can be done about that with scs.....so I refused it.
With the discs in as bad a shape as they appear to be, a fusion might be your best option. Is there compression of the nerves or encasement of the nerves in scar tissue? If there is, then something like neurontin or lyrica might help with that ....there are others as well, that can be tried.
I understand your wanting your life back, I would like mine too, but now I have had to adjust to using wheelchairs most of the time and canes on my good days.