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Hi Ken,

Have you been pushing yourself a little too much maybe?

I had micro-D July 24th of this year. I had a very large left extrusion displacing my left S1 nerve root. After about the first 10 days I was feeling pretty good. The excruciating leg pain was gone but I still had some numbness & occasional pain down the leg after over-exerting myself. I was walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes twice a day at 2 mph and doing my suggested leg stretches to prevent scar tissue from forming. At my 4 week check-up the doctor thought I was pushing it a little too much and asked me to scale back. No housework, lifting over 5 lbs. and of course the no bending, lifting or twisting.

If you have had troubles with the herniation for years & have had damage to the nerves it can take quite a while to heal. My doc also told me 12-24 months for the nerve to fully recover and that some damage could be permanent. The way my doc explained it was sometimes you get immediate relief from the pressure being removed from the nerve root but as the nerve starts to fully recover and return to its normal state that pain can return as the nerve heals. Have you spoken with your doctor about the pain suddenly getting worse again? Maybe a nerve pain medication could be prescribed. Lyrica has really been working wonders for me. Or is it possible you injured yourself again. I definitely recommend seeing your doc.

Unfortunately I reherniated L5/S1 5 weeks after my micro-discectomy. If your body is telling you to stop pushing so hard you really need to listen to it. I just went through a L5/S1 posterior fusion on October 1st. It definitely wasn't fun & I am kicking myself for not listening to what my body was telling me.

Best of luck to you!