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Hi Devon,
Iam titanium with tons of BMP. I started Cymbalta about 6 weeks after surgey and was able then to cut sown pain meds substantially. I had a large amount of scar tissue develope around the nerve root two years after the surgery so I was ALMOST fully recovered. I am now in pain managment and take a long acting med before bed along with Lyrica for the nerve pain. I do have a shorter acting med for break through pain when I have been especially active.
Accepting that you will never be back where you were before the pain is really key. Accepting who you are and what your limitations are going to be will lead to a more fullfilling life in my opinion. Dwelling on what we CAN"T do makes us miserable. I can garden(I have a HUGE garden), cook and clean, hike with my kids, walk the dog, run all my regualr errands, go to church--everything I did before but maybe for less time or activities spread farther apart with break inbetween. I work a full time job on a university campus that has me running all over the place! The pain doctor helped me find a balance and I am happy with where I am. The people on this board have been my lifeline for two and a half years!!! I am gald you found us!