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Hello There,
So I had a microdiscectomy/laminectomy on my L4,L5 disc in November of 2007. I still had pain after the surgery but it was no where near the levels prior to surgery. I began pt in February of 08 and always had pain and some tingling still. I also had continuing pain down my left leg, which is where it occurred before. I was put on steroids, Lyrica, but it did nothing. I was given a clean bill of health from the orthopedic in April and discontinued pt at that time also. I still had pain, but I had figured that it was just the nerve healing. I finally became pain free about one year after the initial herniation July 08. I was feeling great, I began rowing again, until I got mono about two weeks into September. About two weeks into getting mono, my back pain started again. Only now it is not constant. As each day goes by, it becomes more constant with pain radiating down my left leg. But unlike before, I have pain in my lower right side as well, this is a new development. the pain feels lower than the pain on the left side but I am not for certain. It has yet to radiate past my buttocks. I was wondering if this could be a reherniation of the L4L5 or maybe both the L4L5 and L5S1? Or if the pain on the right side is just due to overcompensation when I get pain down the left side. I have seen two doctors, due to the fact that I am now in NY, and I had everything down in VA. One has said lumbar strain, but the pain is the same as when I herniated it last time. The second doctor agrees saying it may be a herniation or syatica, and has sent me to pt. I haven't had an MRI done since October of 07. Any info would be appreciated! :)