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Hi! I am sorry you didn't get an answer before. I saw the question and wasn't sure how to reply. Now I thinkI can.
I had two level 360 fusion in July of 2006. I had "spacers", packed full of BMP and the ground up bone spurs they took off my spine, that went where my old discs had eroded to the point that I was bone on bone back there with severe sciatica.
I fused beautifully and have resolved the sciatica pain. That part of the surgery was VERY successful. My problem was scar tissue forming around the nerve root 18 months after. I still have to take Lyrica for nerve pain. I am seeing a pain managment doctor for chronic pain.
It sounds bad but actually I feel blessed. Before the surgery I couldn't do ANYTHING and took ALOT of pain medication. Now I still take regular pain releif but I know where I stand healthwise.
I garden, walk, work full time, clean. laundry, cook, shop, hang with my 3 teenage daughters...just live a normal life. I slow down sometimes if I overdo it. Now and then I use my TENS unit or ice packs if its been a long day. I am 150% better than I was before surgery. I would do it again in a minute!
Hope it helps-we are always here for you!
Momz :angel: