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Hello all. I am a 44 YO male Firefighter.I slipped 11 months ago and have had back pain every since. My chiro worked on me for several months and had me feeling better but still hurting. After 3 Dr's I went to a pain management Dr. I have had a positive EMG for Pinched nerves at L4-L5 and L5-S1. The pain I have is in the Left calf area and when I twist wrong It feels like some one is stabbing me in the hip joint then trying to pry my leg off. I had a disco gram yesterday and the Dr. said as I was leaving "we got a lot of good info". I'm not sure what that means but I hope it's good.He put me on Lyrica before I left his office.I also take Norco,Celebrex,Skelaxin and I have a Fentanyl patch.Before the Discogram he was talking about a spinal stimulator to control pain. I know what that is all about as my wife has one due to an auto accident.He was also talking about sugery to remove part of the disks that are buldgeing.I guess what I'm asking is anyone been this route and what am I looking at in the near future? My wife has cronic shoulder pain from a seat belt but doesn't seem to understand my pain as when she hurts she just turns up her stimulator and it will be nice to here from like individuals.