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Hi -- best of luck in your efforts to bring down your bp! These boards can be very helpful in soliciting opinions about treatments, etc.

Your post doesn't include details of your history. I can offer a few comments from my own experience.

I'm a 49-yr.-old female who has had high bp for about 3 years. My mother died at 43 from a heart attack; she had extremely high bp for at least several years before she died.

I knew I was predisposed, so at the first sign of hbp in myself, I sought treatment. I exercise moderately and eat a good diet; I'd say I'm about 15 lbs over my optimum weight. I take 50 mg of atenolol (a beta blocker) and 4 mg of Mavik (ACE inhibitor). This combination pretty much controls me -- I'm usually in the 140/90 range -- not the best, but livable.

I see many anti-drug postings on this site. Many are anti-atenolol (beta blocker). In my experience, atenolol has been a lifesaver. Among many things, it's an anti-anxiety drug and has helped me be able to step back and assess a situation before reacting.

What I've learned on this site and elsewhere in this journey is that managing hbp or any health issue is a very individual experience -- people react differently to drugs, etc. Posting sites like this are great for people to compare experiences, etc.