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Hi -- I seem to be one of the few people who likes atenolol! I developed hbp in my mid-40s (family history), and my problem was exacerbated by anxiety. As an anti-anxiety medication, it has worked well for me. I have been taking 50 mg/day for about three years now. I do feel some fatigue, but for me, on the whole, it's worth it to not be so anxious. Atenolol alone doesn't control my bp enough; I also take 4 mg/day Mavik (ACE inhibitor). When I was first diagnosed, I was getting readings in the 160/100 range; now I'm around the 135/80 range (I'm 50 and post-menopausal).

I was able to leverage the calming effect of atenolol to re-train myself in how I react to stress -- it's really changed my whole demeanor. For me it's been great, but I don't like to hear of doctors prescribing drugs willy-nilly to younger people before other methods are tried.