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Hello All.
I had my Myelogram last Wednesday. It went well in the sense that there was no pain at all. Not even when the needle got to the spinal canal. I only felt the needle go in initially & that's only because the Dr. told me it was coming. ;) In total I was at the Hospital from 9:30 a.m. till 2:30 p.m. (including recovery) I was never knocked out & was relaxed & had a great team with me throughout the process... I so wish I could say the same for the Neurosurgeon that I have at the moment. (I dont care for him). He called me later that evening at 5 p.m. saying I have calcification & he does not recommend surgery. ????? (Well, keep in mind he says he wouldnt have recommended surgery 8 years ago either.) He said he would refer me back to the Physical Medicine Dr. The Dr. who did my previous surgery which was a lumbar laminectomy 8 years ago will be out till March. This week I am feeling better. It feels as if my latest Epidural injection has begun to work. I have a call in to the Physical Medicine Dr. to see him & have him explain the Mylo since the Neuro did not. The only down side to the Myelogram is that I had some bad side affects afterward. I had vomiting & diahrrea for 3 days following the Myelogram. I had gone to my "migraine Dr." in advance to get something for a dye involved migraine for the myelogram which served me well. I used a medication called Maxalt. Worked well for the migraine... But if you have come here worrying about the procedure all I can say is that for me it was a breeze.... & I just recommend that you have some Immodium Ad & Pepto Bismol near by just in case.
Will keep you guys posted. But Im hoping to not have to have surgery. For now Im still on Disability...