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I have been reading this board for about 4 month off and on and haven't found this topic. I posted this in the headache forum but just realized I might have better luck finding help in the back forum.

After 5 years of headaches, tests, real meds, and health food store remedies, I think we have finally figured out what has been causing my headaches.

An MRI showed abnormal stuff by my spinal cord near my C2-3 disc, probably a herniation. My headache doc said the nerves in this area would cause my type of pain which starts at the base of my neck, moves up the back of my head and over behind my eyes, and then feels like something is grabing my brain and holding on tight.

Over the past 20 years I have been in about 12 automobile accidents all of which I walked away from. Two of them probably did major damage to my neck at C2-3 and C5-6,6-7. The later area is not that bad and can also be contributed to age, I am 48.

However, the C2-3 damage is very rare. 90% of people who injure this area of their neck don't survive the accident. A pain management doc I went to said he could count on one hand the number of people he has seen with this injury in 18 years.

A few months ago after trying absolutly everything, my headache doc sent me to see a neurosurgeon, and I have begun having tests for the possibility of operating to fix my C2-3. My next test will be a Disc-O-Gram, and it sounds awfull.

Anyway the main reason for this post is that I am trying to find someone who might have the same problem as I do. Also somebody who has had a Disc-O-Gram at any level so I will know what to expect.

As for the headache pain, I was getting the best relief using Maxalt and Norco (hydrocodone), but because I was taking as much as 50mg of hydrocodone per day, she put me on 40mg of oxycontin 3x per day. For the first time in 5 years I don't have headache pain. I can tell I am having a headache, but I can't feel the pain. I am so greatful.