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Thanks so much for the idea. I will definitely check that board out.

Would that be a Nascar Bug? :) I am on Cymbalta and Neurontin for nerve pain. The pain is not controlled with this combination. The last doc I saw recommends that I see a neurologist who can try different drugs to attempt to manage the pain with meds. My PM is adamant that I need a spinal cord stim but I am not ready for that yet. I'm guessing that is why he was absolutley no help in getting me off the Cymbalta. Cymbalta interacts with many of the different nerve medications so I'm trying to get off of it BEFORE I see the neurologist. Then hopefully I can immediately start something that may help. Also the Cymbalta cannot be taken with migraine meds such as Immitrex and Maxalt.....something no one told me at the time. Another good reason to come off the Cymbalta for me. Topomax is actually used in patients to prevent migraines as well as used to treat nerve pain. I'm thinking of asking the neurologist about this med for me as it will address both issues.

Thank you both for your posts! :)