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Quote from zip2play:

Is the spironolcatone really the FIRST diuretic they have ever prescribed??? That's pretty poor overall treatment if it is.

In the states, usually the first drug tried is (or at least WAS) a simple diuretic for HBP....unfortunately that MAY be in the past with the gargantuan profitablility of the newer drugs compared to the few pennies made from HCTZ.

Hi, Zip

No, it's not the first I've tried, it's just the first to work.

I've been on hydroclorothyazide, lasix and maxzide. They start me out on them, they have little effect, (say my BP is 180/100, then it might drop to 160/95, for example. Then it slowly rises back again.) then they increase them, then they lose all effect over time.

That's what I'm wondering about spironolactone--will it lose effect over time?