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I recently saw a post that said a decades old remedy for high bp I believe was called HGTZ (thiazide) .

I'm on Maxzide (Triamterene) which I know is a potassium sparing diurectic. I've been on this for many years.

Are the Thiazide diuretics also a potassium sparing diuretic?

Are there big differences in the performance of these two types of diuretics?

I'm now on the Micardis that doesn't have the diuretic
after being on Tenormin for many years.

My current meds seem to work fine when I stay at home as my numbers are any where from 107-120/70-75 and sometimes 80 when just getting up in am. I go out for a game of bingo and driving in traffic and my numbers shoot up to l40-150/mid 90's and occasionally 100. Either I need an antianxiety med or some other type of med.

My other question is if I control my bp numbers when out, does this mean they would be too low when home at rest?

Sorry if I sound so uninformed as I've had high bp for many years but it stayed contained. Since then I've had other health problems so now get stressed out at dr. appts. and apparently any other time that's stessful.

I do have a good dr. that suggests and listens to what I've researched or learned and works with me. In reading all the posts about high blood pressure treatment it's not a one size fits all type of thing.

Thank you for your help.