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:confused:The test itself was really nothing except sitting for 45 mins. and having noise and air blown into your ear. However, the next day, I had symptoms return that had been absent for almost a week. They were the out of focus vision at times, and the nausea and head pressure. Then yesterday, it was gone again. Today it's back.
For a week I felt 'normal'. My hearing has been back for over a week and the tinnitus has improved too. I hope the meds I'm on are helping (Trental, Maxzide and Valium). I have dealt with nausea almost daily from mild to moderate (like all day morning sickness). No vomiting, just the nausea. I found that Pepto Bismol helps sometimes. Eating is no problem but sometimes after eating, the nausea increases awhile. So strange. I don't have results yet on the test. Has anyone here had this happen to them following the test? thanks.