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Just as I thought, my PM agreed I should go ahead with the surgery. I want to say "YEAH" but I know it's not something to be taken lightly.

I've tried all the alternatives...PT, trial SCS, epidurals, etc. I'm now up to 40mg Oxycodone 4x day and sometimes have to take 50-60 mgs...plus Neurontin and Maxzide (sp?) for swelling in my legs. A pump would be ideal, but I'm way too thin...no room for the implant.

PM will talk to the Spinal Surgeon (and my Ortho) and arrange to do a series of nerve blocks, on both sides, following the surgery. I know I have to stop smoking:( I'm not a heavy smoker...a pack can last me a week, but I have to quit at least 3 months prior to the surgery because of the length of time I'll be under 6-8 hrs. I don't think I'll have trouble quitting because I'm extremely motivated.

I've read the posts about surgery making the RSD worse. But at this point, I can only hope the RSD can be treated (if it flares), whereas the spinal problems can only be addressed via surgery. I had arthroscopic knee surgery and a Fulkerson Procedure, which involved a bone graft. With a morphine pump in the knee for 3 days after the surgery then a series of nerve blocks, I had no flare. But, I have been suffering with the change in temperature here the past few days - my hand is especially bad right now...the typing is killing me but I had to let everyone know what's going on. I realize this is far more extensive and it's my SPINE, but I have to do it. The pain is so bad that I sometimes spend days curled up in a fetal position just trying to relieve the pressure.

I'm facing...straightening out the scoliosis...rods & pins, addressing osteoarthris and spinal stenosis, repairing or replacing at least 2 lumbar discs and generally clearing out all the other arthritis. The report states "limited ROM, significant discongenic disease, end-stage degenerative rotary scoliosis and left-sided disc and osteophyte complex at L4-5"..in other words...scoliosis, narrowing of the spinal canal, arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbar arthritis, herniation(s) and bone spur(s). It's an "all or nothing" fix.

Now that I have the "go-ahead" from my PM and the will to proceed, I'll seek a second opinion and if agreed, will probably plan for surgery next June. My Mom is a second grade teacher (78 yrs old!!!) but I'll need her help so I'm going to wait until she's done for the summer. She offered to take time off but I don't want her to do that.

Thanks to everyone for the support thus far!!! At least I'll have plenty of time to wrap my head around it. Going forward, I'm gonna need you guys even more!! Any input, good or bad, is welcome! Believe me, I'm prepared for the worst but praying for the best :) and unless I'm told something entirely different with the second opinion doc, I'm determined to go ahead with the surgery.

Love and thanks to SHARON!!!! MICHELLE!!!! and all my :angel:'s ....