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how long does medrol dosepak last
what do you mean exactly?how long do you take it or how long do the actual effects last?prednisone(which medrol is a form of) is usually very highly dose dependant,meaning the effects are not long lasting itself.BUT it is meant to knock down actual inflammation long enough to hopefully make some sort of impact on the inflammatory generator that is causing some level of pain.any real effects you obtain from using it are usually very highly dependant upon the individuals pain and what is generating it,you know what i mean?no two people will generally obtain the very same type of effects from it.just what are you using it for,what type of pain or other issue? FB
I have been given the medrol because I have swelling in my knees and no one is able to tell me why it keeps happening. I just finished the dosepak yesterday and my knees have not been swelling and the pain has been reduced. I was wanting to know how long it will last before I go back to the swelling and extreme pain I was experiencing before. Sorry I have never used this site before. I am trying to find out what is wrong with me so I can get treatment to return me to a normal life. Every doctor tells me they do not know what is wrong with me and give me very little hope. Thank you for your response!