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angel et al,

Here's what I've found over the years. Two pills will stop the vascular headache (migraines sometimes leading to cluster) dead in it's tracks: any ergot compound (like ergotamine) or Sansert (methysergide if memory serves). I'm not interested in any "daily treatment" because my headaches occur maybe 12 times a year max (and are somewhat seasonal...early Spring and early Fall the worst) and I don;t wantn to medicate 365 days a year for that...I take enough pills as it is!

My newest development: I got an aura TWICE. I took 80 mg. Inderal (propranolol) and for the first time in my life, I stopped the headache at the aura stage both times....didn't even get the nausea.
This is GREAT for me because both the ergot and the Sansert ruined my whole day with the "spacey" feeling of mescaline (extra pyramidal symptoms I believe they're called.) The 80 mg. propranolol is much kinder...main side effect is a slowed heart rate for several hours....no problemo!

Beware any women of child bearing age trying ergot: it's a potent abortefacient...and I DON'T mean just for the headache!