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Hey Mo, Although drugs can be used for off label purposes there are ethics involved. The use of opiates to treat anxiety and depression have been written about for decades. A false sense of well being is not a cure even in the shortest sense.

Do you know why Heroin was developed, To treat opium addction. Amazingly all opium withdrawal symptoms ended after a single shot of Heroin. What a miracle drug , did you know Bayer invented it at the same time they came up with aspirin. It must be good for you.

Wouldn't every depressed person feel a little better after speedball, a small mix of Heroin and cocaine. Just because it makes you feel better doesn't mean its ethical or a valuable treatment. Obviously there is a reason the govt needs to get involved to protect people from themselves. Why not move to Holland, register with the Heroin authorities and waste your life away on Heroin and hash.

I have no doubt you will feel better. At least while you kept supplied, when that's over you will commit suicide rather than face heroin withdrawal with an existing anxiety problem.But this is good treatment. Give me a break.

I'm sure some crack would perk a depressed person right up. How about amphetmines and Exstacy for chronic fatigue.

And snoop, afraid to take a drug as benign as Elevill, a MAOI but OK to take opiates because you read someone had a seizure. I've met a lot of folks and never one that had a seizure on Elevil, But I've met plenty that have from abusing benzo's and then going cold turkey.

I can think of alot of drug concoctions that would make anyone feel better. You are not preaching to my choir. I'm not so insane that I think crack is useful pick me up and opiates should be used for anxiety. Why not Budweiser or Milwaukees best. It's cheaper.

And when this doc is put in jail, who's going to take over prescribing. How do you think you will feel without opiates and benzo's as part of the everyday Vitamin mix. Do you guys have your dumpsters picked out for when doc feelgood is in jail and your only option is self medication with maddog like millions of other mentally ill people.

This idea that opiates are good for everyone and nobody should feel the slightest hangnail makes me want to puke. Because of this attitude people wracked with pain and bedridden will not be able to obtain the sligtest degree of pain relief. We can go back to only cancer patients get pain meds and even then you don't want to turn a dieing person into an addict.

That's the one bad thing about the internet. You can find someone that will support any position you can think of. Someone out there thinks eating their newborn babies plecenta and chasing it with a bottle of Jack Daniels will somehow cure post partum depression. hey, why not drug all the moms that are depressed, so what if the infant turns into a addict as long as mom isn't stressed out having a life depending on her.

Is it surprising the govt needs to protect morons from themself to keep them from destroying their lifes with drugs and alcohol. Why not drop the drinking age to 5, My daughter was so stressed the first day of Kindergarten, I'm sure a beer would have made her day better or perhaps some valium or morphine, why feel anything with the drugs we have available.

How about surgeons, They work long hours, shouldn't there be a nice pile of coke or crystal meth in the OR in case they become fatigued they can perk right up. A doctor surely has enough common sense they don't need the govt to control their actions.

I bet those international flights get long and boring, why not a little mescaline to perk up the pilots.

Who else can we drug to make them feel better, focus more, reduce fatigue and help sleep disorders. A little ether for those nights you can't get to sleep and get your 8 hours in.

This isn't pain management, This is lets legalize all drugs, do away with docs and prescriptions and self medicate everyone because we have read a little on the net and are sure it's OK.

She's following the hedonistic imperitive. Self medication of alcohol, and prescription drugs is common practice among untreated psych patients. Simply because they create a false sense of well being and mask the underlying condition. There is a doc that's doing no harm? Try finding another one when she's gone or in jail, because why shouldn't she have the same ability to relax as her patients.

The next bum you see digging through the trash for a sip of beer is doing no different than what your docs doing. Sure being drunk is better than being depressed. But what happens when the drugs ware off. How does she know you won't slip into such a deep state of depression and anxiety you won't kill yourself.

Oxycodone around the clock for 2 weeks is long enogh to create dependence. We are not even talking about dependence here, we are talking about addiction. The use of medication to so completely skew your sense of reality that you actually feel good no matter what is happening in the real world. .

You don't have the benefit of becomeing acomadated to the harmful properties of opiates like CNS depression because you don't take it long enough. Then mix or alternate with Benzo's and cut them off cold turkey and lets cause a seizure.

You doc won't be in practice in 3 years and then will you self medicate because like so many other people with mental llness or psychiatric disorders you feel better when on drugs or alcohol.

This isn't about politics. This idea isn't new, It's completely unethical, it does do harm and offers no cure. Give any depressed person a shot of morphine or alcohol and they will feel better , right up untill it wears off.

Is there anyone that wouldn't feel better after a long day of work that took OxyContin or a few Roxicodone, whatever the source of opiates it doesn't matter.

Your doc will loose her licence, especially in a state like WA. She is basically preaching the exact same thing so many other doctors are trying to get their patients away from, self medication simply to feel good. You don't have pain. Opiates are not a treatment for psychological pain. When they wear off you have the same problem.

So her theory is that alcohol and drug use in the psychologically impaired is somehow proper. I guess every bum on the street begging for money for a quart is just treating their illness and shouldn't be discouraged from drinking or drug addiction.

Your doc has no buiseness prescribing opiates for anxiety and that's why pain patients can't find adaqueaate treatment because these drugs are so prone to misuse, even by the medical profession. When she's in jail, what are you going to do. Start robbing drug stores, maybe a little self mutilation that requires treatment with pain meds. For god sake. This is so screwed up it's unbelievable.

You have proven to me your menatlly ill. Try the national center for mental illnesss in washington DC. You can slip out back and score some heropin if they can't handle things to your satisfaction. God help you and your doc should go back to wherever she's used to growing her own dope.