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Sounds more like a cluster headache to me but the overwhelming number of cases are male. The pain is like a migraine amplified to the point of flying rage.
A good diagnostic determinant is a migraine needs peace, quiet and dark.
A cluster causes you to run around and try to keep from banging your head against a wall.

Try Inderal (propranolol) or another prescription beta-blocker.

I get relief from ergotamine but since it's an abortifacient it's not a great drug for women.
Other tries might be Sansert (methysergide) but it feels a lot like mescaline...well, so does the ergot actually.

There are newer inhaled drugs that I'm not up on (like Imitrex)...

Get something prescribed, no need to suffer.
The NSAID analgesics (including aspirin, motrin, and even prescription indomethacin) are really of very little use with these vascular headaches. There is nothing sold over the counter that's remotely effective for migraine/cluster control.

ps....Look for food triggers; they are usually present. (My 100% trigger is combining alcohol with Dark Chocolate....DEADLY!)