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Hey...i'm 18 years old and i've had bi polar disorder 2 for about 5 months. I currently take lithium, seroquel, and neurontin...thought i've been through tons of other medications (lamictal, zoloft, paxil..etc.) I'm not gonna give you my story cause theres really no need...but i've tried hallucigenic mushrooms about 5 times..and only one of those time i had a real bad trip, but i was also jsut coming out of a depressive state...if i'm in a good mood, what do you think could happen if i tried LSD or Mescaline, because i really want to try it, but if i'm gonna become psychotic and start having horrid flashbacks and all...i might not take the chance...anyone have any experiences with using it and having the gay disorder we all have...also i feel like i've lost all my creativity and intelect on lithium, what should i do?
well thank you for the concern..however, i only take seroquel to go to sleep.so i only take about 100mg...and i dotn wanna do lsd or mescaline for emotions..i feel fine currently...my creativity comes from the songs i write and book i'm working on...i just wanna do lsd for fun...so if i dont take the meds while i'm doing it, should i be alright?
If you get off the meds to take the drugs then you risk the highs and the lows.
I don't quite understand why you are asking about illegal drugs here - who's going to tell you its a good thing?
You're trading one chemical imbalance (in your own brain) for another one that costs money and will mess you up just as badly or worse.
If you're truly creative you won't want to mess your brain up with LSD or mescaline.