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vicky I am so sorry to hear about your husbands diagnosis if you don't mind me asking what kinda cancer is it? I am soooooooooo scared of wd I am a basically a weenie when it comes to pain, I have been reading some other posts about liver problems, I have been on percs for 10 years God only knows what my liver looks like. What kinda test do they do for liver problems, do I just ask them to check my liver ? I am retired military and the health care system while being free is I don't want to say it is bad it is just very inconsistant they have a hard time keeping good docs at a military pay.
I am very much gone right now, I am totally out of oxys well i have prob have three left I went through 60 20mgs in a week. God it just gets worse and worse I hate to think what I will be doing a year from now if I don't quit. I watch intervention all the time, or really any show about drugs I can find. I have always done them, in high school it was mescaline, acid, pot beer whatever will take me out of my present state of mind. What is wrong with my present state of mind why do I always need to suplement it. I have gotten very used to being high, hell I got a masters degree while doing percs. I just do not know why I must take a chemical to feel like I am worth something or to face the day. Why doesn't just feeling alive not enough. I pray every night and ask god to save me, to keep me alive one more day actually thank him for keeping me alive. I am a wreck physically, a year ago I weighed 175 lbs worked out every morning lifting and running on a treadmill. My blood pressure was good no problems. Today I am at 205, I am on blood pressure meds and will prob be on trig and cholesterol meds my next dr. vist. My father was an alcoholic, his father I guess I am carying on the family tradition just in a more modern way. How sick is that ? I guess I am just rambeling now thanks for the posts its nice to know that someoone out there cares, cares about a total stranger wow