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Wow what a story, not so different from mine. Your wisdom comes from solid experience thank you for sharing. I really did most of the acid, mescaline, and weed thing in my younger days, well that and alcohol I am sure I was an abusing alcohol by age 16. Its a wonder we are both alive today. I am thankfull you are here.

Hi all
I thought I would jump in here. Dale I had a heck of a time getting off Ultracet. I understand that the medical world touts this drug as non-narcotic but it is highly addictive. I agree it works great at first for pain but just like any other drug you will require more to help with the pain. I also have DDG and stenosis. Like I have said many times before once I was off all meds the tylenol or aleve works fine. Wierd but it is true.
I also did my share of hippie drugs. Acid, mescaline and pot and don't forget the wonder drug quaaludes. They also said this drug was safe(like ultracet) but was soon pulled from the market. But I never drank. I still can't(thank goodness) as I get really sick from it.

Hope this helped.

Feel better Janet