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Ok so i recently had what i fear is pretty bad brain dame, though it was discovered when i had overdosed and non-neurotoxic drugs and it progressed fairly rapidly after this (three weeks, they have no ideas what is causing it) so i have been having basically all the symptoms of bipolar disorder, i get angry over political issues, which i never cared about, i hardly sleep or eat, and i rant constantly over stupid things, argue incessantly and can't stop cracking jokes. Both my brother and dad are slightly bipolar. So heres the question i was taking amitriptyline (sp?) 40mg and it does nothing to help me sleep. I was wondering if the increase in serotonin could cause mania( i have had both depressed states and manic stats normally but not always related to drug use, ex. i am manic for a week after using mescaline which also affects seratonin. My other question is could the brain damage cause the this change in personality? Thanks for any answers,