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Hi All - I have posted here before but not much lately.

I was diagnosed with Lyme last year, went through the usual rounds of antibiotics and was told by my PCP that there was "nothing else to do".

Saw an LLMD in December and got tested by IGenex, etc. came back way positive, been on Doxy and now Amoxy for going on 6 months now.

I thought I knew what Lyme fog was but it got so bad last week I went to my Dr and he ordered an MRI - had it on Friday, still haven't gotten the results. Today it feels worse than ever.

I have tremors in my hands and my head is SO foggy I don't like to walk, let alone drive.

I can't begin to describe to "non-Lymies" what it feels like, including my wonderful wife and parents. Is this just the fog, in anyone else's experience? I am getting very concerned....

I took mescaline once in college and the next day I thought I had brain damage. It feels like that....but, the difference is, that went away pretty quickly (never took mescaline again though :dizzy: ), this has just gotten worse and worse....