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This is my first post in this forum. I have been fighting with mildly high blood pressure for quite some time and recently (November) was put on medication for it. My highest reading recorded was 142/90... I know not very high but high enough to concern my doctors. I have been in this range for a few years, but when I check at home, it's always lower (typically anywhere from 120 to 138 over 76 to 83. Yet at the doctors office, always around 140/90 (very consistently right at that level).

I feel relaxed so am surprised by this apparent "white-coat syndrome" readings. I began to wonder if my meter at home is reading low, but the one time I brought it in to the doctors office it seemed to measure about what their regular manual pump type of meter reads (I'm going to check it against theirs again to be sure).

Anyway, my question is this: Are the traditional type of "hand-pump" meters (I can't remember what they're called) more accurate than the automatic kind? I wondered at first if the nurse at my PCP's office was just reading it high. But I was sent to a cardiologist (for another reason...) and they read the same thing on their meter.

I work in hospitals (not in healthcare, but on the maintenance of imaging equipment side) so have had it checked with other "automatic" type machines, which also showed it more in line with my home meter. Could my body just not be as sensitive to the automatic meters?

Sorry for being long... but one other note. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance in October, at which time I had some heart palps (PVC's, we think) and dizzy spells, and am currently on 500 mg of metformin XR (this is why I agreed to take the BP meds as well; i.e., high BP is often associated with insulin resistance). BP med is currently Cozzar (switched from Toprol last week - story for another post), which is supposed to also be helpful for kidneys and liver (as I understand it).


P.S. - I'm 47 years old, 6'4" tall, and weigh about 195 lbs.