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sorry i havent posted anything for over a month now, i've been busy with myjob. i've been working 38 to 40 hours a week, i havent worked like that for years. when i was on drugs i couldnt even hold a job. now im doing great, i paid my bank the $390 i owed them and i paid my city tax from last year, im also saving money on the side too. i feel really good about my self and my recovery. i've been on methadone for about 2 and half months now. i started to take my dose down a few weeks ago, i was at 85 and now im at 60 milagrams. i hope to be off of it by mid july or early august of this year. my life is so much better nowadays. my parents trust me more, my girlfriend and i are getting along alot better too, and i actully have goals for the future. methadone maintence is the greatest gift for a heroin addict. its helped me completly turn my life around. well thanks for reading and if you have questions about anything please write back.