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-welcome to methadonia (isbn-1929109024)*****
by rachel greene baldino,MSW,LCSW
-heroin (isbn-1568381530)*****
by humberto fernandez
-the little book of heroin (isbn-0914171984)***
by francis moraes,PH.D.
-recovery options (isbn-047134575x)****
by joseph volpicelli, M.D., PH.D.
-the recovery book (isbn-1563050846)*****
by al j. mooney, M.D.
-how to quit drugs for good (isbn-0761515178)*****
by jerry dorsman
-rational recovery (isbn-0671528580)****
byjack trimpey
-the confessions of a drug addicted daughter (isbn-0595134963)***** by fern moore
-all about heroin (isbn-0531115410)****
by ben sonder
-heroin:the street narcotic (isbn-0877547696)*****
by ann keene
-methadone (isbn-0823922863)****
by carolyn simpson
-heroin (isbn-0823921247)****
by sandra lee smith