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if anyone has any info on the withdraw that comes with methadone maintence. im trying to get weened off by august and im at 60 mils. how do i keep from getting sick? please write back with info. thank you jason
ive been on methadone maintence for two and half months and i was told that minimum time for the treatment was at least a year. would it be wise to detox in six months instead? will it be any different? how fast can i decrease the doses? im at 60 mils, how fast can i go to 0? ive been going down 5 mils a week, and i havent had any withdraw symtoms yet. i just want to be sober from all drugs including methadone. will i still have cravings for heroin when im off the methadone? as of now i dont have any cravings at all and i dont want any thing to do with heroin but thats probably the methadone. will that stop when im off the methadone? i really need some info on this because i have no one to talk to about it, so please if you no anything about methadone let me no your info and opinions. thank you jason
Hello. I was on methadone twice and have known many, many people on methadone. I don't care what anybody says, detoxing off of methadone is the worst thing in the world! I don't believe there is such thing is "detoxing" off methadone! I have never met anybody that was able to do it. Methadone is more additive than heroin. I became a prescription pain killer addict after "detoxing" off methadone and 6 months later I was still too sick to take care of my newborn baby! The worst part of the "detox" is the lethargy and the depression. There are no words to describe it! I would never recommend it to anybody. Alot of the people that I know that tried methadone went back to heroin to detox off the methadone! I hate to be so negative, but I just hate to hear of people trying to get off of it. The times I went to the clinic they told me what a "wonder" drug it is. They told me that you don't get "high" off of it, LIE! I was higher on the methadone than I was on heroin. I am sorry! I got off the pain pills by taking Suboxone. It really works. I have been on it for 2 months now and I haven't even thought about a pain killer and they used to run my life. I hear there is withdrawal from the suboxone but it is supposed to be a lot easier than just "kicking". I hope that I havn't made you feel too bad. I just talked to a friend of mine that is on methadone and he hates it! He hates that he has to run his life around it, he hates the fact that when he does try to taper he gets so sick he wants to just die. I told him about the Suboxone. Maybe I am wrong and you will be able to do it, but my advice is....STAY ON IT AS SHORT OF A PERIOD AS YOU CAN! Hang in there. There are lots of people on this board that are really helpful!

Hi - It's a little hard to remember when I got off methadone 24 years ago, but I know that my ex and I had stockpiled some and detoxed ourselves over a period of a couple of months. I know I was on 80 miligrams. What I'm thinking is that we came down 10 mg. a week. I know there was withdrawal at the end, but it was not that bad. Mostly a crawly feeling and trouble sleeping. It can't have been that bad 'cause I moved in with my mother, and she never even knew I had been on it or that I didn't feel well. I had been on it for about 2 years. Of course, I used alcohol at the time to "help" with the detox. I don't do anything now.

As someone else said, your clinic should be able to help you. We just wanted to be done with the clinic and get off it faster. That's why we did it our way.

Good luck to you and God bless. Love. Karolyn
thanks for your input on this, i really appreciate it. i just hope that its not as bad as heroin was, i felt like i was going crazy when i was sick. i lost at least 3 jobs from being sick at work, i just couldnt work anymore like that so i would just quit. now that im doing so well with my life im afraid to mess up again. i would never go back to heroin, i could never put myself through that again, heroin was the biggest mistake ive ever made and im still trying to fix it, and im doing really good too, but its probably just the methadone thats making me feel this way. i wish i would have just went to rehab again and just took it serious instead of switching my addiction to something just as addicting (or worst). i just dont no what to do. i dont no if i will be able to live without it. i feel normal now, if i get off the methadone how will i feel? if anyone can answer that let me no. thanks jason
this weekend will be my third month on methadone and i want to get off of it as soon as possible, i really hate being on it, what is the quickest way to get off of it? and how fast can i go down milagrams without feeling like ****? if anyone has any info at all on methadone detoxing let me know cause i need help, i hate living like this. i feel like im still an addict and i just want it all to be over with as soon as possible. any info at all will help, please.

thank you jason