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Buprenorphine is just not a detox drug. It is also very effective in a maintainence setting. It can be taken indefinately. Much like methadone. Some folks require that sort of therapy. The great thing about buprenorphine is that you dont have to deal with the clinic system on a daily basis, you just pick up you prescription from the doctor every month or two and thats it. Total freedom. Whereas on methadone your either have to go to the clinic daily, or at the best every 13 days. And give urine samples and jump through all kinds of other hoops. Mind you, methadone has saved thousands of lives, Im not knocking it, Im on it myself, its just the clinic system that I find so repressive. Buprenorphine, if its right for you, bypasses all that nonsense.

I used bup the very last time I had detoxed because I was only using for 2 weeks consistently prior. I was given Subutex for the first week and then put on suboxone for the rest of my maintenance. It was a lot better than rapid though but ive never tried buprenorphine with coming off 500mg of dilaudid or 3-4gs of heroin a day. I think methadone would be much better in that category.

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i was on bupe for 4 years before they came out with suboxone/subutex...i was on buprenex...you had to inject it though...works great...on methadone now cause of back pain issues...