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Suzanne --
Have you considered going into a detox? Many detoxes use methadone tapers over a period of five days or so, and then you are free of all drugs. Trading one addiction for another is a sticky situation. I know, I've done it in the past myself. I was on a methadone program for a few years. I started out addicted to vicodin, then I realized that the hazards in getting it were so great, I might as well just be buying heroin on the streets again, and eventually I did. I went through such pains to get the vicodin, that at one time, I set my Pathfinder to roll over my arm and break it for the painkillers. You can see why it was easier to buy dope! Anyway, before your life gets this insane, try to get yourself taken care of in a detox. There is nothing you can tell those doctors that they haven't heard before. I was up to about 40 - 50 10 mg. vicodin/percocets a day before I went back to heroin. I have now been clean for about 8 months, which I know isn't long, but when I tried to detox at home, I never made it through a taper at all. Good luck to you, and please let me know how you're doing!