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I agree w/Michelle. You have done a great job (to say the least) and please keep it coming. I am on Sub but the only reason I'm on it is because I absolutely could never stay clean as you are doing now. Are you attending meetings on top of the outpatient? Also, you could potentially have a mild medical condition that may be causing your pain and your doc could give you a non narcotic to help maybe? Also, what did they give you in detox and for how long? Thanks and just hang in there for a little longer, you WILL get better! Just be sure you get it checked out to ensure you do not have an underlying condition. You are doing awesome... Keep it up and tough it out - you will be so happy you did without Suboxone. Trust me, If I'm late taking a dose, I can feel wds so I know when/if I get off of it, the wds will be there HARD!

Thank you all so much for your responses. I really appreciate them.

They put me on methadone and tapered me off before I left.
How long were you on the methadone? It takes a while to withdraw from meth than it does lortabs. Were you on it long enough to get physically addicted? Hang in, each day/week will get better and better.