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Hey - I am also on Sub and it has really changed my life. My only concern for you is that you are so young and also have you really, really tried to quit? Can you go into detox? Do your parents know? Tell me your situation, the details about who can support you, have you ever been in detox before and tried meetings? I would hate for you to start on sub when there may be other options for you to quit. You have to realize that the drugs control you and you are powerless over the drugs and GO GET HELP! That means, going to a detox or a doctor for help or whatever. You have got to at least go to your doc and be honest and get his advice.

If you want info on the Suboxone, you can do a search for it on google. If you go to their website, there is a way to get a list of doctors that can prescribe it in your area. Just remember, this is strong stuff and you will have major withdrawals when you come off of it. It's almost as bad as methadone as far as withdrawals are concerned. It should be your last hope - I really believe w/your age, you can try detox and make it w/meetings as well.