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Hey there --
I went through the same things when I came off methadone. Someone sent me this link: [url]http://www.tlctx.com/ar_pages/paw_part1.htm[/url] . It's to a site called the Living Center, and a page on Post Acute Withdrawal. I hope it helps shed some light on what you're going through as it did for me... I was in such a fog, I thought I had brain damage.
My sleep patterns are still not normal, and it has been 8 months. I too had to go on atidepressants, and once we found the right ones, it made a big difference. However, the rest will just come when it comes, I guess. I struggle with little bouts with the depression still, and my memory lags. I'm waiting for my sense of humor to come back to what it used to be too.
Hang in there -- people keep telling me it gets better!
-- Alissa